Tips on selecting the right hotel accommodation in Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga is one of Australia's leading regional cities and the capital of the Riverina region.

With its beautiful sights that include lakes, beaches, gardens and parks, exciting events and contemporary facilities dedicated to sports, culture and the performing arts, it is no wonder why Wagga Wagga has quickly become a popular tourist destination.

To support the growing influx of tourists, this vibrant city offers a wide selection of accommodation that range from five-star hotels, comfortable bed and breakfasts through to more budget friendly accommodation. In this article, we provide some tips on how you can choose the best Wagga Wagga accommodation that fits your budget and preferences. Assess your needs

What brings you to Wagga Wagga? If you are coming to the city for a vacation with your family and children, then choose a hotel that offers spacious family suites that can accommodate your group. Also, opt for a hotel that has family-friendly amenities and policies. Are you coming to the city solo? Then make sure that the hotel you choose has the facilities to help make your stay a relaxing and entertaining one.

Also consider the type of activities you plan to do in Wagga Wagga. Would you like to enjoy the river or the quiet countryside? If you are in the city to see the culture, the gardens and parks or perhaps do some shopping, then choose a hotel in a central location near transportation hubs, shopping malls, landmarks and tourist attractions to make going from one place to another quick and easy.

Determine your budget

How much is your budget for the entire trip? How much of this budget are you willing to spend on accommodation alone? Keep in mind that accommodations can tend to eat up a big chunk of a traveller's budget. If you are looking for luxury and can afford the pricing of a top hotel, then go ahead and book a room. But if you would like to spend most of your budget on visiting the different tourist attractions, eating at local restaurants or buying souvenirs, consider staying in a three to four-star hotel or motel. You might be pleasantly surprised at the excellent amenities and services these hotels can offer at a lower price.

Call the hotel

Most hotels today have their websites where you can get information about their rooms and amenities. But it would still be of help for you to call up the hotel you are considering and ask them any questions you have in mind. This is an ideal opportunity for you to ask about the hotel's cancellation policy, the safety of the area or neighbourhood or if the hotel rates include free breakfast. These are just some concerns you might like to address. Have your own list of questions ready. It would be best to have concerns settled before you decide to make a booking.

Ask other travellers

If you have friends, colleagues or family members who have travelled to Wagga Wagga, ask them for hotel referrals. They will be able to tell from personal experience which hotel is best for your visit. You might be able to get some travel tips from them as well! You can also read travel blogs from experienced travellers, hotel reviews and guidebooks. However, take travel and hotel reviews with a degree of scepticism. Keep in mind that one bad experience shared by a previous guest does not necessarily mean the hotel is terrible. Be objective and make sure that the advice or referral you are getting is from a trusted source.

Some final words

Travellers have different tastes and preferences. What works for you might not work for another. When selecting a Wagga hotel accommodation, keep in mind to select based on your tastes, preferences and the purpose of your visit. Also, you don't need to go over your budget to enjoy your stay in the city. Choose a hotel that represents excellent value and you will surely go home with a bag full of souvenirs from your memorable trip.

Wagga Hotel Motel Map Location

Location of the Astor Inn

The Astor Inn is conveniently located in the heart of town, down from the Wagga Train Station on the corner of Edward and Baylis St. The Astor Inn is also located 10 minutes drive from Wagga Wagga airport.

"Brilliant hospitality"

Thumbs up for the great service when I visited Wagga Wagga back in June for queens birthday long weekend. The bed was so comfy and slept like a log best sleep ever. The motel is in walking distance for anyone catching the train to Melbourne or Sydney, will be back again and always like staying here when visiting Wagga Wagga :) :)

"Absolutely best place to stay for kapooka march outs."

We were delighted with the accommodation. The motel was certainly clean and serviceable with extremely friendly staff. The absolute best hotel for march outs.

Brisbane, Australia