Thomasina's Menu

Thomasina's takes special care to prepare good food; a marriage of the charcoal grill, the freshest local ingredients, insisting on only the highest quality, and a "little time", yours and ours.

Mallee Breads

Garlic and basil on fresh focaccia


Chilli and pesto on fresh focaccia



Tasmanian Pacific Oysters

1/2 Doz


Natural Served with lemon and rock salt



Kilpatrick Grilled with crispy bacon and worcestershire sauce



Chef's Special Check today's specials board





Seafood Chowder with fresh bread
House made potato base with prawns and marinara seafood rnix garnished with smoked salmon.


Salt and Pepper, Squid with tartare sauce
Squid dusted with Sichuan pepper and served with fresh lemon and tartare sauce.


Thai inspired Salad
Marinated beef or chicken strips "mallee grilled" in a teriyaki style sauce served on a salad mix with crispy noodles with a Thai lime dressing.


Creamy Garlic Prawns with white rice
Tiger prawns saut6ed with fresh garlic and cream served on a bed of jasmine rice, served with fresh lemon.



Classic Italian Bruschetta
Garlic oiled focaccia bread "mallee grilled" and topped with traditional tomatoes, Spanish onions and fresh basil accompanied with balsamic jus.


Salad Bar as main meal


Paying Individually

Each table will receive one bill; it is the table's responsibility to collect individually from each person and pay the total amount for the bill. We do not accept individual payments of a group bill.

Mains & House Classics

Bangers and Mash
Our own sausages made to an 80 year old recipe using traditional hog casings and served on a generous bed of mashed potato, smothered in a rich gravy.


House Crumbed Chicken Parmigiana
Juicy chicken breasts coated in our own house spice mix topped with chunky tomato salsa and ham crowned with tasty cheese.


Seasoned Tasmanian Salmon Cutlet
Fresh Tasmanian Salmon cutlet "mallee grilled" served with mango and avocado salsa with fresh lemon.


Thomasina's Lamb Cutlets
Tender young Riverina lamb cutlets crumbed in our own special recipe served golden on top of mash drizzled with a rich brown gravy.


Pork Rib-Eye
Pork rib eye marinated in a Tuscan spice, "mallee grilled" and served bone in.


Roasted Vegetable Tart
Roasted eggplant, zucchini, capsicum, red onion and oregano in puff pastry topped with feta cheese with basil and balsamic dressing.


Cajun Chicken Breast with herb butter
Tender chicken breast marinated in a Cajun spice butterflied and "mallee grilled" topped with herb butter.


Steala are our house specialty, our in house butcher selects only 100% grass fed beef sourced from our local grazinglands. Compared with grain fed meat, grass fed beef has less total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and calories.

lt is also rich in Vitamin E, Beta Carotene, Vitamin C and Omega-3 fatty acids.

It's by far the healthiest choice you will make with red meat and what's more; it is succulent, juicy and tasty.

The Mallee Grill - Our Specialty!

NewYork cut Sirloin 300g
Sirloin offers a good balance between flavour and juiciness, with just a thin layer of fat across the top to keep it moist during cooking.


Rump Steak 350g
Rump steak may not be as soft as other cuts, but is a gutsy, full flavoured meat that is perfectly suited to the "mallee grill" and can be cooked well done.


Scotch Fillet 300g
Scotch is a prime, light textured cut of beef with negligible fat, no waste and the flavour is neither too mild nor too strong and very tender, best cooked medium and under.


Eye Fillet 200g
The most delicate and tender of all cuts.


N.B. When cooking our steaks they will always be under done rather than over. lf your steak is not to your liking please let us know so that it can be fixed, or anything else for that matter.


Mushroom, Pepper, Bearnaise, Dianne, Gravy, Café de Paris butter


Surf n Turf


Tiger prawns sautéed in a creamy garlic sauce



Side of Chips


Onion Rings


Bowl of Chips


Crispy Bacon


Herb and garlic fried mushrooms


Kid's Menu

(Children 14 years or under)

Fish and Chips


Chicken Nuggets


Banger and Mash


Chicken Schnitzel


(All kid's meals are served with chips and a free soft drink.)


Murrumbidgee Mud Cake
Rich house made chocolate mud cake served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate ganache.


Stick Date Pudding
Traditional house made pudding served with English toffee ice cream and butterscotch sauce.


Creamy Cheesecake
House made creamy cheese cake - please see specials board.


Trio of Cheese
Aged cheddar, camembert and blue vein served with crackers.


Tea & Coffee

Tea Pot
Earl Grey / English breakfast / Chamomile / Green


Cappuccino / Flat white / Long black / Short black / Café latte



Liqueur Coffee/Affogato
lrish / Jamaican / Mexican


"We may live without friends, we may live without books, but civilised man cannot live without cooks."